A Month of Writing for the Health Activists Writers’ Month Challenge (#HAWMC)

When I first signed up to be a part of this writers' challenge I didn't really know what to expect; this being my first one.  I do love a challenge, so I thought it would be a great way to kickstart my journey as a blogger and health advocate (I know that in this forum it … Continue reading A Month of Writing for the Health Activists Writers’ Month Challenge (#HAWMC)

Looking in the Rear View

Looking back on the last three months, and the blood, sweat and tears I have poured into becoming educated and informed about diabetes, there are some things I wish I had known before I was diagnosed, or at least at the outset.  If I had known these things I may have had a very different … Continue reading Looking in the Rear View

TACTIO – A Super Health App

No, I am not a Tactio shareholder, owner, investor or in any other way related to the folks at Tactio Health. However, I do very highly recommend their RPM 1000 Patient App for smart phones and tablets.  You can learn more about it here via the Tactio website and below by watching the video. I have been … Continue reading TACTIO – A Super Health App


Gimme an 'H', gimme an 'E', gimme an 'A', gimme....okay you get the picture.  Today is all about H.E.A.L.T.H. ealthiness is a state of mind as much as a state of body.  Don't ignore either.  Live a healthy and health-full life by paying attention to the needs of your mind and your body. mpathy is … Continue reading H.E.A.L.T.H.

An Open Letter to People Who Have Hurt Me

Dear People, I FORGIVE YOU! Love, Kerry I know it doesn't seem like much but that right there is the most powerful letter I have ever written.  It's powerful for me and it's powerful for anyone that has ever thought that they hurt me, or injured me, or worse. In my very short letter I am … Continue reading An Open Letter to People Who Have Hurt Me

This Is Water – Make It a Great Day!

Everyday has it challenges and its successes - although it seems much easier to remember the challenges, and to gripe about them and to share them with all and sundry.  To use them as though they full exonerate us for our own poor behaviour or choices...."I was really stressed"...."I've had a bad day"...."Work is really full on … Continue reading This Is Water – Make It a Great Day!

Hobbies or Hobby Horse?

I've never really been one for hobbies.  I've tried a few out...like macrame in the early 80s (thank God that was only a short lived phase!), stamp collecting (zzzzzz....), finger knitting (*face palm*), dungeons and dragons ( I did love that one!) and a few others that have been permanently erased from my memory. I do … Continue reading Hobbies or Hobby Horse?

Practicing Purposeful Gratitude

I practice gratitude.  Not just gratitude but purposeful gratitude.  I know that sounds like a funny statement and I really wish it didn't. It sounds funny because it isn't common practice, but it really should be!  We do all thank people for things, true.  Some of us may even thank a higher entity for things, … Continue reading Practicing Purposeful Gratitude

Travel Time (Yes!)

I love to travel.  We have lived in seven different countries and visited many others.  To say it's a passion would be a bit of an understatement! Travelling with a chronic illness though is very challenging and demanding.  Since being diagnosed I have read a lot about it but I haven't had to travel too … Continue reading Travel Time (Yes!)

Stress Awareness Month – Shake It Off Baby!

This month is Stress Awareness Month.  Now, if you weren't aware of that fact....don't stress!  It's all good. 🙂 Stress is a part of every day life, whether you are living with a chronic health condition or not.  We can't really escape it.  Stress though is not really the issue, it's how we decide to … Continue reading Stress Awareness Month – Shake It Off Baby!

Summer is Coming….Wait, What…No it Isn’t!

I live in the southern hemisphere so this #HAWMC topic is a little bit upside down for me, literally.  Most countries down south are heading into winter....not summer...it's also complicated by the fact that I actually live in Singapore....where it is pretty much summer all year round! Jealous much?! Well put your jealousy away because … Continue reading Summer is Coming….Wait, What…No it Isn’t!

Wonder Me and the Search for #MoreDaringDo

So, if I had to give myself a tagline this is what it would be... Wonder Me and the Search for #MoreDaringDo I think we've pretty much established in my posts, I Feel Best When I am Wonder Me and World Health Day - Well That's a Weight Off!, that I am on a journey … Continue reading Wonder Me and the Search for #MoreDaringDo

The One Thing My Ten Year Old Self Thought I Would Do….

I don't think I can even remember being ten....no, wait...yes I can.....nope....I got nothin'! Once you get into your forties does anyone remember being ten?  Gosh I hope the answer is a resounding NO, because I don't really have any memories that I can ascribe to the 10 year old me. Thirteen year old me … Continue reading The One Thing My Ten Year Old Self Thought I Would Do….