Wonder Me and the Search for #MoreDaringDo

wonder women t-shirt

So, if I had to give myself a tagline this is what it would be…

Wonder Me and the Search for #MoreDaringDo

I think we’ve pretty much established in my posts, I Feel Best When I am Wonder Me and World Health Day – Well That’s a Weight Off!, that I am on a journey to being Wonder Me.  I even have the T-Shirt to prove it (see photo above if you missed it on the scroll down).  If that’s the case then my personal tagline has to include reference to that.  Wonder Me!

However, it can’t only be about that Wonder Me because the original idea of Wonder Me was born out of my diabetes diagnosis and my search for a healthy version of me.  Whilst that is very important it is certainly not ALL of me.  So if my life is going to have a tagline then it has to be more holistic.  Enter……#MoreDaringDo

More Daring Do is a project that I have started through our business Teepee Consulting.  It is about a very important ‘human’ issue – gender equality.  It’s not about starting a war between genders.  It is most definitely not about one gender being better or more entitled than another.  It is not about a win for one gender but rather a win for all humans.  Gender equality means all things should be equal for all genders, and that is something I am very passionate about.

So I donned my Wonder Me t-shirt and began thinking about how I could make a difference.  The outcome was the More Daring Do project, associated Twitter and Facebook accounts, the total re-thinking of our business, and the upcoming re-branding of what we do and why we do it.

I am very excited, Wonder Me is also very excited.  Me and Wonder Me are ready for a new chapter, both personally and professionally.  We are ready to lead and advocate for change.  We are ready to give back and educate, mentor and coach a new generation of leaders.  We are up for the challenge of advocating to government about the need for grass roots changes to the education system if we, as a society, want to affect any lasting change to gender equality.

Stand clear government leaders….

Stand clear all those blocking gender equality…

This woman has got her ‘Wonder Me’ on and she is bada@#!  Wonder Me has so much More Daring Do and she is not afraid to use it!



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