TACTIO – A Super Health App

No, I am not a Tactio shareholder, owner, investor or in any other way related to the folks at Tactio Health. However, I do very highly recommend their RPM 1000 Patient App for smart phones and tablets.  You can learn more about it here via the Tactio website and below by watching the video.

I have been using the Tactio app since January and it is amazing.  I don’t say that lightly because I have tried copious numbers of apps to help me with tracking my health and my progress towards a healthier version of me.  Tactio ticks almost all the boxes as far as I am concerned.  It’s easy to use, tracks pretty much anything you would want to track for your general health and has in-depth tracking for diabetes, CHF (Congestive Heart Failure), COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), atherosclerosis, pregnancy and more.

It keeps track of all the patient data you wish to enter plus it can connect to a wide range of devices to upload data from.  You can connect with activity trackers (e.g. fitbit), glucometers (e.g. iHealth glucometer), scales (e.g. fitbug wow), heart rate monitors (e.g. Jawbone), BP monitors (e.g. Medsana BM 300 Connect), oximieters (e.g. Nonin 3230) and thermometers (e.g. Medsana ThermoDock).  This all aids in providing a detailed overview of your health.  Tactio even tracks your mood and sleep in order to look more holistically at health and wellbeing.

Diabetes Tracking

Type One Overview

  • You can track glucose readings via manual data entry or via sync with one of the four glucometers from providers that are partners with Tactio.  This produces an easy to understand, colour coded graph based on your criteria (BG range, age and time of day).
  • You can use it, if you choose to, to make insulin does adjustments before main meals.  It will also calculate the insulin dose required based on BG levels.
  • The app displays your insulin sensitivity and tracks your A1c.
  • It will display urgent prompts if you reach critical glucose levels.
  • You can use it to track carb intake, display your target amount of carbs per meal and your carb to insulin ratio.

Gestational  Tactio

Type Two Overview

  • You can track glucose readings via manual data entry or via sync with one of the four glucometers from providers that are partners with Tactio.  This produces a colour coded, easily understood, graph based on your criteria (BG range, age and time of day).
  • The app will display urgent prompts if you reach critical glucose levels.
  • You can track your A1c level.
  • You are able to displays times for meals and medicines.

Type 2 Tactio

Hypertension Tracking

  • Track systolic and diastolic readings
  • Track resting heart rate
  • Track mean arterial pressure
  • Colour coded, easily understood graph produced

bloodpressure tactio

Weight Loss Tracking

  • Users can select from a weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance plan.
  • Daily suggested calories and other parameters are auto filled in from this selection.  (N.B. This is one area I think the app can be improved.  HCPs and people living with chronic illness agree individual targets for these parameters but at present these cannot be entered or considered.)
  • You can set a target weight loss or BMI and a number of weeks for achievement, the app then automatically calculates a date for your entered criteria.
  • Users enter their current physical activity level in their work and personal time, which allows the app to determine your BMI.

weight tactio

  • The app uses information from the World Health Organisation and the American Heart Association to calculate the kinds and duration of physical activity required to achieve the weight loss, weight gain or maintenance plan.
  • Daily food intake information is also provided.
  • The app provides individual data tracking screens for BMI, a body fat percentage, waist size, weight to height ratio, type 2 diabetes risk and heart age.

bodyFatv2 tactio

waistv2 tactio

waistToHeightv2 tactiotype2Diabetesv2 tactiocardiovascularv2 tactio

Working with Health Care Professionals

  • Tactio provide an online and mobile interface for HCPs to use as well.
  • The interface enables health care professionals to access detailed data about each patient and see an overview of all of their patients.
  • The individual patient app can generate a detailed health report that a patient can email to a HCP or print at any time (Pro User Tip:  I email this to my endocrinologist a day in advance of each of my appointments.  He loves getting it!)

HCP Tactio

Five Best Things About the App

  1. It tracks everything I need and has the possibility to do even more.
  2. It’s super user friendly and provides positive motivation.
  3. It is available for android and Apple devices, as well as on the web.
  4. It provides a ‘My Health’ overview screen that gives me a very quick overview of where I am in all areas at that moment (including a heart age estimation).
  5. It is FREE for patients (the full diabetes tracking module needs to be purchased but the basic one is free).

Areas for Development

  1. Develop the ability for users to set their own calorie and other intake data for the calculation of a specific meal and physical activity plan.
  2. Partner with more device providers to develop data upload interfaces for more devices.

Overall I use my Tactio app every single day and my husband does as well.  We both love it (and are a bit addicted to it!)  If you haven’t tried it, give it a go!


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3 thoughts on “TACTIO – A Super Health App

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  3. Too bad they don’t do any testing before releasing “updates” to their apps. They released one on Friday that completely disabled the app on every Apple device so that it crashes and cannot be started. In the medical field reliability has the be the first priority and these guys have completely dropped the ball.


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