All About Me…

This is me

I am a wife, mother, blogger, educator, consultant and diabetic (not necessarily in that order!!).   I have a marvellous, loving and supportive husband and three amazing daughters (aged from 13 to 21).  My husband, our youngest daughter and I live in Singapore with our poodle and we are loving it.

I am also a strategy advisor, coach, leadership mentor, motivational speaker, international education specialist and professional training facilitator with more than twenty years experience in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and South America.  In 2006 I co-founded Teepee Consulting with my husband.  We are a team of education sector experts delivering world class strategy, project leadership, online training and leadership development for international learning organisations.

We have recently returned from a second two-year stay in South America, the first one was for three years.  We have lived in seven different and amazing countries in the past fourteen years.  Prior to leaving Australia for South America the first time (2006) I led a highly successful corporate education program for a leading Australian early education service provider; involving winning major government contracts and working with some of Australia’s leading national and multi-national companies.  I speak two languages, Spanish and English, thanks to my overseas experiences.

I am a blues and soul musician and whilst in South America I led the “Re-Building Childrens’ Lives” concert project designed to contribute to aiding communities in Peru.  I also helped to organise, and participated in, a range of concerts and musical events to raise funds for this and other important community projects. 

I obtained my undergraduate degree in education from the University of South Australia and I hold post-grad qualifications in leadership and management.  I have been an invited speaker at a range of international and Australian conferences speaking on such topics as, women in leadership; positive people engagement; authentic and transformational leadership; the importance of mentoring; and developing authentic networks.

I am a newly diagnosed person living with diabetes with a passion for educating and sharing information on this illness, life options and prevention (type 2).  So whether you are a person living with diabetes; live with or know a person with diabetes; or are just interested in good health, wellbeing and education – I hope you find this site useful.

Please feel free to share the site with friends and family and to leave me your suggestions, comments and questions.  If you’d like to me to review a product or service, or write feature article for a blog or website, here’s how to do that.




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