In The News

What’s happening in local and international media, on the net and the blogosphere?  You’ll find links to it all here.  Get informed people!

8 Apr 2015 – Medtronic and DreaMed Partner to Produce an Artificial Pancreas

27 Mar 2015 – Doctor Empathy Pays Off For Patients

26 Mar 2015 – Google Patents Smart Contact Lens That Can Measure Blood Glucose

25 Mar 2015 – 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Diabetes

23 Mar 2015 – Pioneering Specialist Diabetes Service for Children Launched in Brisbane

19 Mar 2015 – The Low Down on Cholesterol from Dr. Peter Attia

16 Mar 2015 – Tired of Finger Pricking? – Here are Four New Alternatives

5 Mar 2015 – How Statins Can Raise Risk of Getting Diabetes by 46%

5 Mar 2015 – Podcast – Foods Advertised as Healthy May be Making You Sick

3 Mar 2015 – People with Diabetes More Prone to Depression and Anxiety – Study Shows

3 Mar 2015 – High Intensity Training Could Protect Against Diabetes

3 Mar 2015 – Large Breakfast, Small Dinner Tied to Better Blood Glucose Control

2 Mar 2015 – FDA USA Warns Against Sharing Diabetes Pens

2 Mar 2015 – Women with T1 Diabetes Twice as Likely to Die from Heart Disease

27 Jan 2015 – FDA in the US Approves First Mobile Apps for Blood Glucose Monitoring

19 Jan 2015 – Could Vitamin A Deficiency be a Cause of Type 2 Diabetes?



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