Summer is Coming….Wait, What…No it Isn’t!

Eternal Summer

Eternal Summer

I live in the southern hemisphere so this #HAWMC topic is a little bit upside down for me, literally.  Most countries down south are heading into winter….not summer…it’s also complicated by the fact that I actually live in Singapore….where it is pretty much summer all year round! Jealous much?!

Well put your jealousy away because whilst there are some wonderful things about only needing a wardrobe for one season a year, there are some definite downsides to living in eternal summer.

Firstly, there is never any time of the year where you feel that anticipation…the creeping joyful feeling…that summer is finally coming.  After the cold winter months and the promise of spring…summer and lazy, long, hot days are finally just around the corner.  Here we have no corner, it’s just one long straight stretch….of dang hot all year round…and humid!  I miss that anticipation.  The longing for the cold to be over and for the sun to come and warm your face and seep into your cold weary bones….mmmmm….that is such a delicious feeling.

Secondly, hot and humid with no actual end in sight can be very monotonous and HOTonous (that’s not really a word, I just made that one up!  It feels like it should be a word though, right?)  The old fashioned concept that a lady should never sweat was not developed by anyone that has ever lived in the tropics!  Man, sweat is a way of life here.  I could water a small garden if I collected the sweat that pours out of me each day.  It would be a damn healthy garden too, so very well watered!  Maybe that will be the next green business, sweat collection devices that allow you to water your garden with a by product from your own body!  Remember… heard it here first folks!

Thirdly, it can add to your lifestyle but it can also curb it.  Whilst you can swim and do other water sports all year round, winter sports (not even ones that require snow and ice) are far less enjoyable in this kind of climate.  Field hockey, for example, is played in winter in Australia (my home country).  It is a long game and you are running all the time.  That is NOT enjoyable in 30+ degrees celsius with 80+% humidity.  The aftermath of the sweaty bodies is even worse!  However the ability to swim everyday of the year is wonderful and I am very grateful for it, especially as swimming has become such a big part of my life lately.

Finally, I miss fire places.  Here there are no times of the year when you can light a fire to sit in front of, to read a book by, to chat with your partner near, or to curl up and sleep next to.  Fire places warm the heart, the soul and the body.  Everyday in Singapore has its own built in fireplace, but nothing an air conditioner can’t cure!

I do love summer.  I love the smell of it.  I love the feeling of the warm sun on your face.  I love the reminder that summer means long holidays and lazy days at the beach or curled up with a good book.  However, when you live in summer 24/7, 365 days a year…..the dream of cool winter days is a nice one to hold on to.

Now, where did I put that bucket of ice cubes again……


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