Hobbies or Hobby Horse?


I’ve never really been one for hobbies.  I’ve tried a few out…like macrame in the early 80s (thank God that was only a short lived phase!), stamp collecting (zzzzzz….), finger knitting (*face palm*), dungeons and dragons ( I did love that one!) and a few others that have been permanently erased from my memory.

I do love music and singing, as you may have gathered if you have been following this blog, but I don’t really consider those a hobby.  They are more of a passion, a necessity…even a way of life.  So, to me, they fall well outside the ‘hobby’ arena.

I have been known to get on my hobby horse every now and again (ok, maybe more often than that…sshhh!).  I am excellent on a soap box…unaccustomed as I am to public speaking….cough, cough….  It’s the passionate side of me that takes over whenever my hobby horses come into view.  I say ‘horses’ as I have been known to have a few.  Like, gender equality, any form of discrimination,  bullying, access to education, financial disparities, global warming, recycling, de-afforestation….I could go on…but you may already be drifting off!  Of course now this diabetes life has given me a new passion that I can speak about on relevant soap boxes….wherever I may find them…and where like minded people gather!  Passion (and soap boxes or hobby horses) can make a difference in the world.  You just have to shout loud enough and often enough!

These causes that I am passionate about make my life the wondrous thing that it is.  I care deeply about humanity, the environment, education, and everyone’s right to live free from repression, discrimination and injustice.  I care about access to proper health care, especially for people living with chronic diseases.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I ride my hobby horses with pride and determination.  I put my money where my mouth is.  I stand proudly atop the nearest soap box and vehemently advocate for what I believe in.  I am not ashamed of it!  I am proud of it!

My passions connect me with others around the world….something I am very grateful for.

So, no I don’t really have a hobby but I probably don’t have time for one anyway.  I’m too busy lining up my next hobby horse ride!  Hi, ho Silver…..away!



3 thoughts on “Hobbies or Hobby Horse?

  1. You sound so much like me in my post for this prompt. I think passion is a wonderful pursuit, even if it doesn’t technically qualify as a hobby. I joked the other day that I feel socially awkward because “hey who wants to talk about mental health!” isn’t a great ice breaker at social gatherings, but truly, I think the dedication to it is what makes us such good health activists!

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