It’s All About the Food

There is lots of information out there about what people living with diabetes can and cannot eat.  Really though, everyone is different.  Some of us may need to lose weight, others do not.  Some foods will adversely effect some people living with diabetes, whilst another person will have little or no effect from the same food.  Your Endocrinologist, Diabetes Educator and Nutritionist will help you to work out what foods or eating plan are best for you and your diabetes.  I have gathered some key information that will keep you going in the meantime or help you to research suggestions made by your health care team.

Helpful Foods for Diabetics

Everyday Eating for Diabetics

Type 2 Diabetes Diet Food List

Essential Diabetes Nutrition Information

Understanding Food Groups

Macro and Micro Nutrients for Diabetics

Toxic Free Shopping with the Organic Diabetic

Diabetes – The Essentials of Healthy Living

8 Sneaky Things That Can Raise Your Blood Sugar


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