An Open Letter to People Who Have Hurt Me


Dear People,




I know it doesn’t seem like much but that right there is the most powerful letter I have ever written.  It’s powerful for me and it’s powerful for anyone that has ever thought that they hurt me, or injured me, or worse.

In my very short letter I am telling all of those people that they can ‘let it go’….it’s all good.  I harbour no resentment or anger towards them.  Sure I’ve been hurt, bad and plenty….I just don’t want to carry it around with me.  I want to let it go, send it out to the Universe, and forgive.  More importantly though I am telling me that I am OK, I have let it go, I can move on!

No-one can truly knows the story or struggle of another.  We don’t know why someone makes a choice to say or do something hurtful towards us.  However, we can choose not to accept that hurt, the barb, their attack.  We can choose to reject it, forgive it, forget it and move along.  Of course that is a much more challenging choice than hanging on to it, clinging to its pain and letting it turn us into hurters and haters. More challenging but far better for us, for the hurter and for humanity.

Imagine what would happen if we all suddenly decided not to be hurt when people tried to hurt us but instead offered forgiveness and a shoulder to lean on.  Haters, bullies, hurters – their power only lies in one thing….our acceptance of it….our feeling hated, hurt, sad, bullied.  If we choose not to feel those feelings, to be resilient and strong, and to stand tall in the knowledge that we are NOT what they have said, we are OK….then we take all the power away.  We take the power away from the haters, bullies and hurters….we take away the power of their words and actions…and we empower ourselves, others around us….and the perpetrator.

Likely, they’ve never been forgiven before.  Possibly, they’ve not been shown a lot of kindness.  Maybe they don’t know love.  We can never really know another’s struggle.  Choosing not to accept the hurt though is a way of showing them kindness, showing them a pathway to freedom from their own hurt and pain.

Today I choose to say to all the bullies, hurters and haters that have touched my life – I FORGIVE YOU!  I let it go.  I choose to say to them – Be happy, because I am.

If we all rejected hurt, anger, and other negative emotions that people throw at us and instead turned them into acts of kindness towards the hurter….maybe, just maybe….our world might become a more tolerant, open, kind and loving place to be.

If you want to get on board with this idea you can write your own open letter….go for it!



4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to People Who Have Hurt Me

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