I Feel Best When I am ‘Wonder Me’

wonder women t-shirt

I first introduced Wonder Me in my post about World Health Day for the Health Activists Writers’ Month Challenge – man, that’s a mouthful :).

I love being Wonder Me.  Wonder Me is the very best version of me, unstoppable, healthy, creative, daring, awesome.  No wonder I love being Wonder Me.  Wonder Me has a whole lot of “More Daring Do“.

There are various versions of Wonder Me.  She doesn’t exist all the time but I think I have a handle on when she and I are one.  So now I just need to spend more of my time doing these things and I will be Wonder Me more often!

I don my Wonder Me t-shirt and really start to fly when I am –

  • Helping others –  I really get a great deal of joy and positivity from helping others.  Whether I am coaching people; training teams; mentoring leaders; blogging about diabetes and health; contributing to conversations about diabetes, health, education, leadership, or women in leadership; volunteering my time; or just listening to a friend, I always feel that helping others helps me…and makes me feel like Wonder Me.
  • Reading for a purpose – I love to read.  I read everyday, pretty much all day.  I read for pleasure. I read a LOT for my profession.  I also read a great deal about health, wellness and diabetes research.  All of this reading keeps me super busy (I finally had to give in to needing reading glasses over my contact lenses recently!  Damn you, ageing process!  Damn you, love of reading!)  When I am reading I am learning.  Reading and learning feel like Wonder Me.
  • Educating –  I think I was born an educator.  (I’m pretty sure I tied to teach my parents and sisters a thing or two…probably not in the most awesome way possible, I was a kid after all!  There was an incident involving fire….no, wait…that was a lesson for me…a lesson from a rubber flip flop!)  When I am helping people on their learning journey as a teacher, coach, mentor, trainer, mother, wife, colleague…I feel like Wonder Me.
  • Leading a Team – I love working with other people and seeing them achieve their goals by working at their very best.  I get so much joy from other people’s success stories and team successes.  As the leader of a team who are a #TeamAwesome kind of team, I feel like Wonder Me.  Leading is a delicate balance of stepping in and pulling back, leading from the front and letting go.  I enjoy that challenge and meeting it makes me feel even more like Wonder Me.
  • Being healthy – eating right for MY body and its very personal needs; being active; engaging and connecting with others; spending time outdoors; meditating; and generally loving life makes me feel awesome, healthy and like the best possible Wonder Me.

Everyone should have a Wonder Me.  When are you your Wonder You?  Buy the t-shirt, get wearing it, and be your Wonder You.  You won’t regret it!



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