Best Day In…Sorry, I Meant Epic Day In!

 Best day in 2

Bed. PJs. Sunlight. Coffee. Book. Movies.

I guess I could end this post here….because those five words are pretty self-explanatory but where would be the fun in that?

Bed.  I love my bed.  We should all love our beds!  There needs to be a whole lot more bed loving in the world!  Beds are warm and inviting.  Beds allow you to be languid and lazy if you want to be….you can stretch out, curl up, sit up, lie down….or busy and productive….beds are so versatile!  I have slept, worked, read, cuddled sick children, written songs, created blog posts, tweeted, Facebooked, made phone calls, eaten, talked, day dreamed and so much more in my bed.  My bed is the perfect position from which to start a ‘great day in’  I. Love. My. Bed.

PJs.  Pyjamas really are the best clothes ever invented!  There are snuggly warm ones for winter, cool and comfortable ones for summer and a myriad in between for all other weathers and occasions.  Picking the right ones for you is very personal.  I prefer comfort over style when it comes to PJs but I do rate stylish and well designed as well.  If you can get both in the same pair, I say you are on a winner!  Buy like five sets when you find those!  On a ‘great day in’ PJs are the clothing of choice for the entire day.  The. Entire. Day.

Sunlight.  I am by no means suggesting you have to get out of your bed or your stylish and comfortable PJs, but sunlight is so good for you and so yummy on your skin when filtered through a window.  We are lucky to have lovely big windows in our bedroom, that have heat protection blinds on the outside, but filtered light still streams in during the day.  I like to have the curtains open on a ‘great day in’ so that I am not losing out on my vitamin D intake for the day.  Plus I can always say that I spent the day in the sun, if asked by someone who lacks the ability to see the value in a ‘great day in’!

Coffee.  This of course is optional or can be substituted with your drink of choice.  I also like tea.  However when I say coffee I am not referring to instant that can be made in the house.  I am referring to a soy decaf latte that comes from a favourite Italian barista.  This is a small problem on current days in.  My favourite barista is situated in Adelaide, Australia….we live in Singapore.  As much as I love coffee that trip prices it slightly out of my range!  So I normally settle for tea made at home but if you have a great barista coffee within walking distance I say go for it! Go. For. It!

Book.  I like to start a ‘great day in’ with a book.  When I say book I mean the kind that relaxes you and makes you stop thinking about work or your life outside of this bed, these PJs and the book you are reading.  On ‘great days in’ I avoid professional reading.  I read A LOT for my profession, so on these days I want to read for leisure…the pure joy of reading.  So I go for total escapism!  Normally it’s a spy thriller or other such story of intrigue and action.  Something to get the blood pumping and the mind creating its own movie as you read.

Movies.  Once I have languished sufficiently, drunk my fill of tea or coffee, taken in the beautifully filtered sunshine, and read to my heart’s content….I like to finish the day with a movie marathon.  I. Love. Movies.  Ask anyone in my family….it’s a bit of an addiction but not one I ever wish to be cured of.  I can think of a lot worse things to be addicted to!  I normally plan the viewing list at the start of the day…so I can look forward to it all day long.  My last movie marathon was all the Fast and Furious movies in the lead up to the release of Fast and Furious 7.  Loved it!!! Best. Action. Ever.

All of these things combined really cannot be captured in the words ‘great day in’.  This is an – Epic. Day. In.

So whether you subscribe to my take on a ‘great day in’ or you have an entirely different approach, it doesn’t matter.  A ‘great day in’ becomes an Epic Day In when it eases away all the stresses of your day-to-day life and makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  I say whatever floats your boat is great for creating your version of an Epic Day In, so go for it!

Now, where is that coffee…..


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