My Furry Friend is a Day Late and Way More Than a Dollar Short

codie 2

We have a lovely little chocolate black poodle who belongs to our youngest daughter.  His name is Codie.  He is really super cute but he owes me about $10,000.  I’m pretty sure he is NOT good for it!

Codie, our pure bred miniature poodle, came in to our lives when he was six months old.  He a was a gift from my parents to our daughter for her birthday (and likely their way of trying to keep us living in our home country for more than five minutes!).  He was, and is, a lovely little boy.  He was obviously mistreated by the person who originally bought him from the breeder, but thankfully they had the good sense to return him….and that’s how we got him.

To say he adores our daughter, would be a behemoth sized understatement.  He follows her everywhere, loves her unconditionally, and protects her from any and all perceived dangers.  He is loyal to a fault and loving like no other.

Whilst he is not a service dog, by any stretch of the imagination, he knows when you are ill.  When our daughter is unwell he lies with her, nudging her wrist and arm until she cuddles him so he can protect her from very close range.  It is a beautiful thing to see the bond between them.

Codie thinks he is human and the fourth sibling in our family.  Of course, he pretty much is.  He’s been with us for nearly five years now and we wouldn’t be without him.  Not to mention he literally owes me $10,000!  I kid you not.

That was the cost of shipping him from Australia to Ecuador (we lived there for two years) and then Ecuador to Singapore (where we now live). A friend of ours recently asked me why we had never had him de-sexed.  I always say, when people ask me that, because that’s my only chance to get any of my money back!  It’s not really, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it….and my husband couldn’t either.

Im pretty sure I’m on a loser with the money thing.  Luckily we have had it back ten fold in love, loyalty and wet pooch smooches over the years!

I would like to give a shout out to service dogs whilst we are talking about animals.  They truly are amazing and give so very much to their human companions, including very literally saving their lives.  Once such dog is Odetta.   Her story is an bit old now (2010) but I only read it recently.  The work of service animals like Odetta, and the people who train them, should be acknowledged because it is totally awesome.  You can read her story here.

I give thanks that Codie is in our lives and for all the love and care he gives to our daughter and to us.  I hate to even imagine life without him but I can’t even begin to imagine what the bond must be like between a service animal and their owner.  What beautiful, furry heroes they are.


P.S.  I’m the one who is a day late….Codie is only a dollar short (well 10,000 dollars short, but who’s counting!)


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