Words to Live By….


I have been contemplating this #HAWMC topic all day –

Share with readers a time you had to overcome a daunting challenge. What words of encouragement would you share with others who find themselves facing similar difficulty?

All day long, as we went about our day, I have been secretly pondering on the various challenging times that we have faced over the years; as we raised three daughters and moved from country to country.  There have been MANY, so it was a day long task!

Getting dumped in the back of beyond on our first night of a posting to Romania, after initially being refused entry to the country, and with a not quite 12 month old baby and two other youngsters in tow, well that rates up there!  Man, that was one challenging night.  I thought about all the wisdom and learnings that came from the adventure that turned out to be.  Should I share those with you all?

What about the time we were paid in counterfeit US currency??…..

Or the time when I was appointed as the Head of School but after arriving in the country found out they had found a man for the job (obviously a way better way to go than just a mere woman!), so I couldn’t have it anymore…..I could not make this stuff up people….that really happened, and not that long ago!!

Or the time we bought a campervan in the UK and pretty much everything that could go wrong with a vehicle, did go wrong, and that was just on the drove home from buying it…..

Or the time I was flown to London for a job interview but was bypassed not once, not twice, but three times in the foyer waiting area because they thought the “Kerry” was a man….how terribly disappointing for them to find out that I was in fact NOT a man!  I could go on about the painfulness of the interview that ensued with the female version of “Kerry”….but I won’t!!

Or maybe the time the BBQ caught on fire and nearly burned our house down….

Or the time I got airlifted from rural South Australia, by the Royal Flying Doctor Service, for an emergency gall bladder removal on night one of our family vacation….

Or the time our middle daughter and I narrowly saved us from driving off a 4000m high mountainside in Ecuador….

There are just so many stories I could share with you and so much wisdom that we have gathered, been taught, and grown into over the years but rather than do that I would like to do something entirely different…

As we were out and about today doing errands our youngest, 13 year old, daughter was proud as punch to tell us that she had written something she was really pleased with on Facebook.  Now she is not your typical teen, she looks at Facebook maybe once a fortnight, if that.  So for her to be on Facebook and posting something was quite unusual but she was insistent that both of us look at it….and so we did.

I learned so many things reading her post and it is her wisdom and words to get by on, that I would like to share with you all….

“Everyone, just be grateful for the life you have because so many others are not as lucky as you! Even if it may not seem like you have a good life, you do. You have a loving family, food on your table, a roof over your head and a good education/career. Be happy for what you already have, rather than what you wish you had!:)

 feeling blessed.”

BAM!  The 13 year old nailed it….

What I learned from Charlotte today –

Let’s be grateful…and not just grateful but actually practicers of gratitude, even in our darkest most challenging moments because, sadly, there will be others who do have it worse than us.

Count your blessings….we may not all have the things Charlotte has listed in her post, but we do have many things that we are blessed with (other than fully functioning pancreases!!)…and we should count those blessings and give thanks for them.

Be happy with what we already have….that can be so hard in deeply challenging moments, but this concept has kept me going more than once and helped me to soldier on and make it past the challenge I had been facing.  No matter how dark a moment is, there is always something to be happy about.

Be present….accept what you have…live in your moment, your reality.  If you don’t like that reality you can make a plan and set about changing it….but wishing never achieved anything….acceptance, effort, determination and perseverance however have achieved a great many things.

So, from the mouth of my baby I share with you this wisdom, *eyes well up*.  She made me feel so humble and proud in the same moment when I read her post.  We must be doing something right!



2 thoughts on “Words to Live By….

  1. I loved this post. Thank you for putting my words off of Facebook onto your post. Also, thanks for dedicating this post to me.:) Everyone, just remember:
    You were given THIS LIFE because you are STRONG ENOUGH to LIVE it.


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