Things Remembered….


I have lived in seven different countries and made eight different moves in the past 13 years.  I don’t do clutter!  For very obvious reasons….I don’t want to have to pack it all up and hall its ass all the way to the next country!  More to the point, I don’t want to pay for the privilege!  So, I do not do clutter or hang onto things for sentimentality’s sake…it’s all business here folks.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule (most people say that describes me to a tee…I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but I choose to think of it as one! :/)  We still have the kids baby photos and the like.  We have plenty of framed photos too of our extended family and friends.  We also have loads of art work and objet de’art from all over the world.  We also have our wedding album and video (*face plam* – my husband won’t let me move ANYWHERE without those, just in case we meet someone that would like to see them.  God forbid! :P)  So it’s not like we don’t have things that remind us of important times, places and people in our lives…’s just that I’d rather keep really important ones in my mind and my heart.

For example, I love to remember –

  • Times singing with my middle daughter.  She is so musically gifted and we both share a love of singing.  Spending time with her playing guitar, and the two of us singing, always gave me great joy.  So when I miss her, and I miss her a whole lot, I replay those precious moments on a loop in my mind and I feel better and closer to her….even though we are separated by time zones and an ocean.  Music is our bond and it always will be.  It also reminds me of how strong and resilient she is and that makes me feel strengthened and able to face any challenge.
  • Twelve precious months when I was in high school and I lived with my maternal grandmother, Nana Shep.  What an amazing woman she was.  She raised six children, moved around the country with her husband’s work, and then had several of us grandchildren live with her at varying times as well.  I used to LOVE coming home from school because Nana and Granddad (her father) would be waiting for me at the kitchen table.  There would be a pot of tea and ‘supper’, which was really dinner, followed by card games and general tom foolery.  Some of the best days of my childhood were spent with Nana Shep and I will never forget them.  Whenever I need to conjure up a strong female role model I think of her and I feel able to conquer mountains with great humour, a ready smile, and lots of good, home cooked food!  Love you Nana Shep xx
  • My first date with my now husband, a Paul Kelly concert in Adelaide, Australia.  What a brilliant night!  We were kindred spirits from the beginning….except for the wedding video thing, he’s on his own there folks!  I knew I had a keeper right from that first night.  I guess he is the exception to my no clutter rule….I have kept him around all these years :P.  He always reminds me of happy times, crazy times, exciting times, times of great change, and all of the other times when we created the wonderful memories that we share. Love you babe xx
  • The uncanny ability of my eldest daughter to burst out laughing at the absolutely most inappropriate times!  When asked, it was always that she has just remembered something funny that someone said or that had happened hours ago (sometimes days ago!).  Many funny and happy moments have ensued out of her outbursts of inappropriate laughter (I think there were some pants’ peeing episodes, or near misses, as well!).  When I feel down, or if I am missing her, I think back to one of those many times and my heart is filled with joy and I feel instantly closer to her.  For a super maths geek she really is very funny!

I look at our photos, our art work and our knick knacks and I smile as I remember so many wonderful times in our lives but it is the memories that I carry in my heart and my mind every day that fill me with the greatest joy and love and pride.  They also make me laugh the hardest and cry the deepest, because they mean so much to me.  Which may seem alien to you reading this but you see, I am a great big, sentimental blubber guts (I cry at the drop of hat…).  In fact I could gold medal in blubber gutsing for Australia.  If that was an Olympic sport I would be a sure thing!  I talk a big game about my husband’s proclivities with our wedding video….but in the end I am a just as sentimental as he is!

So, although I don’t do clutter, and the numerous moves have really necessitated a truncated entourage of ‘things’, I have no less attachment to the very special times of my past….I just keep them closer than a shipping box or a closet….I keep them in my heart, which is exactly where they belong.



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