So What’s the Key to Happiness? #HAWMC


Now ain’t that the question?!

I think if I could actually answer this for others I would be both very happy and very rich….well I’m one of those at least!  Clue – It’s not the last one *big grin*.

Seriously though….this is such a complex question, much more so than you might think.

Firstly, who’s to say that what I see as the key to happiness would work for someone else?  We humans are all so beautifully diverse with disparate needs, desires and interests, that any ‘key to happiness’ could not possibly be a master key that universally opens the lock to each person’s doorway to happiness.  Oops…I should have said *spoiler alert* before I wrote that!  Darn It!.  If you were thinking that that was going to end differently (i.e. in you having full use of my key to happiness and you….you know….living happily ever after….sorry about that :P).

Secondly, why would you want my key to happiness?  If I was you, I would want my very own….key and happiness.  What makes me happy, what makes me laugh, what leads to me feeling fulfilled, may be things that you don’t like at all. So, why would you want that?  Well, I guess you wouldn’t….I wouldn’t either.

That being said, I am a very happy person and I think that I have come to this point in my life by learning all that life has had to teach me along the way.  By experiencing life’s many challenges and forging my own way to a happier, happy me.  Maybe if I share some of my life’s lessons you might be able to identify your own key….

So here goes –

Life definitely does NOT last forever….

  • So dance life know one’s watching…no, really!  Dancing is sooooo much fun.  It’s great for the mind, body and soul.  And if you are blessed, like I am, with a very enthusiastic, but two-left footed partner, the joy is multiplied in so very many ways!
  • Count your blessings, not your money.  Time with family and friends is so precious.  Enjoy the moments, even the small ones.  Make loads of memories because they will sustain you through the challenging times!  Money cannot buy love….well it can, but that is illegal in most countries!
  • Seize the day.  If you want something, darn well go out and get it.  The only thing holding you back is you.  Tomorrow does not exist, but today does and today you can start a business, start learning a language, catch up with an old friend….You don’t want your next ‘today’ to be the one were you say “I could’ve….I should’ve….I would’ve”.  Make like Nike and ‘Just Do It’.

Whatever floats your boat….

  • If you are passionate about something or just plain love something….then don’t let anyone stop you from pursuing it.  Whether it’s the way you make a living, a pastime or hobby, a social activity, your way to give back, or none of the above….if you really want to do it…then DO it and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not worth it, or not something you should be doing.  (Just like me, they don’t know your key to happiness either)
  • Be OUT there!…..many of the greatest inventions, thinkers, and exponents of social and political change were the ‘outside the box’ thinkers who the mainstream just couldn’t understand.  Don’t let others dissuade you from your boat floating passion….after all, it’s your goddamn boat in the first place.  Let them get their own!

You are the owner of your destiny….

  • No matter what others tell you…You, and only YOU are in charge of your destiny.  So be an active participant.  Stand up, be brave, be bold, but most of all be in charge of you.  Don’t hand over the wheel to someone else to steer you to your destiny.  They definitely do NOT have the map to that destination!  That’s not to say we shouldn’t take life partners or collaborators…of course, we should if we wish to, but just as you shouldn’t try to hijack their journey to their own destiny…neither should you hand yours to someone else.
  • The great thing about destiny is that you can write it yourself, you can change it, upgrade it, heck – trade up if you want to…because it’s all yours and it can be whatever YOU want it to be.

Other people matter….

  • We are humans and we need our tribe.  So find yours!  Find friends, family and colleagues that you connect with.  People who love you, care for you, value you, and support you….those people are your tribe.  As you move through life your tribe will be very important so keep them close.
  • Make an effort people.  We might have our tribe but if we don’t work at our relationships then that tribe won’t last long.  Reach out, be a friend, spend time, help others, be there.  Relationships take work but the benefits are endless.
  • Pay it forward, give back, participate in random acts of kindness, take a stand – the way you do doesn’t matter, but be an agent for better.  Find a cause you believe and be an active participant.  Even though our tribe are our closest friends, family and colleagues…we are also part of the greater human tribe and we should all do the most good we can.

Happiness is not a destination….

  • It’s a journey….I know, you’ve heard it before…but it’s still true.  We don’t get through life to then get to our happy place.  Your life should be your happy place.
  • If it isn’t…then make it so!  Make a change….maybe start by reviewing the dot points above?!
  • But sometimes I like think of it as a bucket….every time I feel happy, do happy, see happy… it fills up my happiness bucket and I feel GOOD!

And finally, happiness is not something we should keep to ourselves, there’s plenty to go around.  So share it like there’s no tomorrow!  Making other people happy is one of my favourite ways to add to my ‘happiness bucket’….

Oh yeah…..and laugh often….and loudly! (If nothing else, it annoys the cranky people, which makes me happy.  Is that wrong?)

Now go forth and be happy people…. 😛

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