What is it with people that makes them want to prey on others?  What makes someone want to be an online troll?  These people, and I use that word in its broadest possible sense, don’t just prey on the general public, which is bad enough, they prey on people with terminal illnesses or chronic conditions, such as diabetes.  What is up with that?

Social media is a wonderful avenue for making connections, for reaching out into this great, big, beautiful world of ours and connecting with like-minded people or people dealing with the same struggle we are.  It’s a daily necessity  for many, a way of making sense of the day-to-day battle.  It’s an avenue for seeking solace and support within an understanding and knowledgable community – it’s a gosh dang online lifeline.  Well it is for me and I am sure for many others too.

However some elements of our society, and I know they say it takes all kinds, seek to corrupt and destroy the power of this online lifeline by using it to troll people for financial gain.  They use it to send spam tweets, posts, and the like peddling some miracle cure or another, dealing bad information or advice, or simply making a hard situation even harder with insincerity.  Get a life trolls!

I implore the innumerate people engaged in the online trolling of people living with challenging situations, medical or otherwise, to just stop.  Don’t Do It!  Just say No!  Stop!  Cease and desist!  Step away from the keyboard slowly and no-one will get hurt….

I know life can be hard and we all need to earn money somehow, but this is no way to do it people.  Creating hurt, heartbreak and false hope in the lives of people already facing a daily struggle is just downright wrong and moreover, it’s mean.  Why would you want to be a part of that?  You must know by now that karma is a b….a bad thing!

I’m a never judge a book by its cover kind of person, and I know that we can never truly know the personal struggle another might be facing….we don’t know everyone’s story…but trolls you can see the struggle the people you are preying on are facing because they lay it bare on online forums, their online lifelines.  So, have a heart, look past your own immediate needs and see someone else’s struggle…their daily battle….their challenges…and just stop.

Ok #DOCers here’s my call to action for all of us….

Let’s start a movement…. #ISayNoToTrolls….

Don’t just hit delete my #DOC peeps…let’s stand up and be counted! So let’s block and/or report every single tweet, post, email or other form of communication from these online trolls.   

Let’s work together to rid our online lifelines of trolls!

Will you join me?  Say yes in the comments below, vote on the poll below, and use #ISayNoToTrolls on your social media networks….Let’s power up that People Power!


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