The Power and Positivity of the #DOC

team awesome

Let’s talk about Twitter conversations of #AWESOME.

Tuesday evening in the USA is #DCDE time and Wednesday evening is #DSMA time. I’ve only participated twice in these twitter conversations of total awesome, but I LOVED them and felt so invigorated after them. The groups’ members are so knowledgable, helpful, honest, supportive and positive. Everyone who is living with diabetes, or knows a person who is living with diabetes, should get on board with #DSMA, #DCDE and the #DOC!! NOW!

So you can imagine how bad I felt this morning when I woke up and realised I had missed both the #DCDE and the #DSMA twitter chats this week. I’d had two bad nights, hardly slept, and woke up after they had finished. Gutted! Gutted doesn’t even really cover the spectrum of my feelings of disappointment.

You see the USA’s evening is my morning (13 hour time difference), so when I woke up on Thursday at 9.45am (over two hours after my alarm….ooopppss) I realised I had missed them both and I was devastated.

I was devastated?

I hardly know these people of the #DOC (Diabetes Online Community). I have only participated in few of the #DCDE (Diabetes Connect Diabetes Education) and #DSMA (Diabetes Social Media Advocates) twitter chats, but it was like my arm had been cut off. I literally felt sick, although that could have been my blood glucose :), and sad…really sad.

After less than two months as a #PLWD (Person Living With Diabetes) I had developed a deep and lasting link with this large group of fellow #PLWD’s who make up the #DOC.

The #DOC is a lifeline. A support network. A powerful source of information and hard earned knowledge. An avenue for seeking answers to my many questions. A space where everyone gets it. A haven, a home. And somehow I had slept through it.

The good news though is that twitter hashtags are never lost, they are there forever pretty much.  So I consoled myself with scrolling through the twitter conversation, even though I was a day late and a dollar short!

What did I find there?….a whole lot of awesome….and a new incentive to never hit snooze on Wednesday and Thursday mornings again, no matter how bad I feel!

Shout out to all the peeps of the #DOC you really do bring the #awesome!

Which of these twitter communities do you like to be a part of?  Let me know in the comments below…


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