Is it Wrong to be in Love with Your Endocrinologist?

For #dblogcheck (10 March 2015)

doctor love

Now look, don’t get me wrong.  I am very happily married to my darling husband, number one fan, best friend, and life long companion; and yet I am still in love with my Endo! 

When I say love I don’t mean the earth shattering, fire works shooting, mouth drooling type of love (I reserve that for El! **) but rather the kind of love that is born from absolute admiration and gratitude.  Richard, my Endo, or Super Richard as I like to refer to him, is just so gosh dang lovely that it is hard not to fall in ‘admiration’ with him.   Since day one he has always treated me like a long lost friend.  I have never once felt like his patient or even like I have just been diagnosed with a life-long, chronic, debilitating and progressive disease.  That alone is so worthy of praise and gratitude! 

Let me hear an Amen! 

I give thanks.  Heck yeah – I give thanks for Super Richard!

I am sure many of you who are living with diabetes, or have a loved one who is, can relate to what I’m saying.  We’ve all seen the online horror stories about doctors, hospitals, nurse educators, and pretty much every kind of health care professional associated with providing care for people living with diabetes. I am just so completely grateful that, at the moment (*crosses all fingers and toes*), I have really lucked out with Super Richard as my Endo.

Of course diabetes is a serious condition and there are serious conversations to be had and matters to be considered….all of which Richard has covered with me in such a way that I feel like he is walking by my side through my journey, this diabetes life.  He is helping me to come to terms with my diagnosis and make the necessary adjustments to my lifestyle.  And as you all know, those adjustments are no small thing!  I always walk away from appointments, phone calls and emails with him, knowing more, feeling like ‘I Can Do This’, and that I am so very NOT alone.

Richard has never once judged me or made me feel bad for ‘getting diabetes’!  I can’t even put into words how that feels…but I can try…. FAN FREAKIN’ TASTIC!  I am overweight, and my personal mitigating circumstances aside, I am sure that it would be easy for any Endo, doctor or other health professional to roll their eyes and think ‘here comes another one who couldn’t be bothered to save their own life’.  I know you’re feelin’ me on that one, especially those of you who have been living this diabetic reality for way, way longer than me.  Some of you have probably been on the receiving end.

Super Richard is also a leader in the field!  I know, right?  How did one girl get so darn lucky?!

Super Richard is a kind-hearted listener, with a wicked sense of humour, who doesn’t judge people but rather sets out to engage with them and work as a team to try and reverse any damage, stop symptoms in their tracks, and beat this invader; this ninja; this stealth bomber we call diabetes.  Well I for one am really glad to have a super hero in my corner helping me fight the good fight for a long and healthy life.  I have so much more to do, to achieve, to create, which means I need a top class team of super heroes in my corner so I can beat this thing! (Shout out to my hubby – you have always been a super hero to me too, and now even more so!)

Luckily my team’s number one super hero, Super Richard, has always worn his underpants in the politically correct manner (*sighs* *rolls eyes*) so I am thinking of getting him a cape so that others can easily pick him in a crowd.  I want to walk into my local Diabetes Anonymous chapter meeting and hear, “Oh, so that’s Super Richard!  Now I see what all the fuss is about.”….

So what’s your health care professional story?  Good or bad leave it in the comments – we are not alone!

** El is my husband of nearly 14 years!


Is It Wrong to be in Love with Your Endocrinologist?

17 thoughts on “Is It Wrong to be in Love with Your Endocrinologist?

  1. Love it! Our endo is great, but the best thing that happened since we’ve known him is that he had children of his own. We met him when my son wasn’t yet two. Eight years later, the endo has three young children and he gets the reality of life with kids.

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  2. Super Richard!!!! Love your endo story, totally! Have had a number of endos during my 30+ years now, but most recently before my current endo there was a very smart lady who, was very smart, but liked to remind me of that. We got along, and for several years, she’s what I needed. But we drifted, and she became somewhat judgmental when it came to DOC and peer-support. Boo! So, we parted ways. I was aiming for a year to get into a highly sought-after endo who happens to be a longtime Type 1 for 50 years — but I waited too long, and just when I was supposed to get in to see him for the first time, he was leaving practice for the corporate side. Double boo! So, I found Dr. Heath Bug and he’s also very smart and is pretty awesome. No judgement, says it like it is, and knows I know what I’m doing for the most part. Endo relationships are key, and so I’m very glad you found Super Richard! Thanks for sharing this.

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